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Los Anarchists Junior Derby exists to provide opportunities for youth of all genders to learn and compete in the sport of roller derby. Our league is affiliated with the Junior Roller Derby Association (JRDA).

Our program caters to all levels of play:

  1. The Anar-Kitties are our youngest/newest skaters. They are recreational skaters who are learning the fundamentals of skating and roller derby in a safe and fun environment.

  2. LA Havoc is our beginning competitive team, playing local bouts in Southern California.

  3. LA Revolt is our intermediate team, playing local bouts in Southern California and travelling for bouts and tournaments in the Western region.

  4. The Travel Team is our advanced JRDA charter team, playing sanctioned bouts in the female and open divisions locally and regionally. Competes in JRDA post-season activities.


Reasons to join Los Anarchists Junior Derby:

  1. Opportunities to play roller derby from recreational to the highest competitive level.

  2. Emphasis on safe and fun game play.

  3. Inclusive environment that encourages you to be your authentic self with support from your peers, trainers, and league leaders.

  4. Instruction with world champion trainers, active competitive roller derby skaters, and past junior skaters.

  5. Access to extensive training time, up to 12 hours over four days weekly.

  6. Dedicated indoor training and event facility available rain or shine.

  7. Opportunities to play competitive derby with 7 local events and at least 4 travel events for the advanced team annually.

  8. JRDA member participating in sanctioned regular season and post-season competition.

  9. Flexible dues structure providing affordable participation with programs including dues assistance, sibling discount, distance discount, and skater spending accounts to make derby affordable for everyone.

  10. Community involvement with opportunities to support other non-profits and participate in municipal events to help spread the love of derby to the masses.

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